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desserts & fresh fruits

  • "Pastelitos" Fried puff pastry stuffed with quince

  • rum Bread pudding with dulce de leche cream

  • Vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche cream

  • mini “homemade” Cake

  • Argentine Cake with milk caramel and white chocolate "Home Made"

  • Argentine Cake with milk caramel and dark chocolate "Home Made"

  • "vigilante" Cheese and sweet potatoes jam

  • Rice & Milk pudding with cinnamon 

  • Milk confiture, sweet caramel cream made of milk and sugar

  • "Flan" Cream caramel with Dulce de Leche cream

  • "flan" Cream caramel with chantilly cream

  • fresh Banana with Dulce de Leche cream

  • fresh pineapple slices

  • Fresh fruit salad slices

  • Fresh fruit salad with ice cream

  • Crepes with Dulce de Leche cream

  • fried Churros "Home Made" served with Dulce de Leche cream

Mini Torta Choco
Frutta Fresca
Pastelitos de Membrillo
dulce de leche
churros decor
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