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  • Argentine Spicy Beef Baked empanada (turnover) [1]
  • Argentine Spicy Corn and cheese cream baked empanada (turnover) [1]

  • Argentine Spicy vegetable and cheese cream baked empanada (turnover) [1]

  • Cassava (Yuca) Chips
  • Three kind of Canapès
  • Boiled meat roll stuffed with vegetables, hard-boiled eggs and herbs. (Served cold, sliced)

  • Marinated chicken Argentinean way (served cold)
  • Veal tongue in vinaigrette sauce (served cold, sliced)
  • Grilled Pork sausages [2] 
  • Grilled Pork Black Pudding [2] 
  • Grilled provolone cheese with oregano
  • Palm hearts in cocktail sauce
  • Shrimps cocktail
  • grilled corn cob [1]
  • Tartar Angus meat
  • Tasting of some kinds of these appetizers
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