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from kitchen

  • Locro Argentino Whole wheat, sweet corn, sausage and bacon soup )

  • Yoparà  Black beans, sweet corn and Cassava Yuca soup )

  • Pumpkin soup

  • Onion soup (Argentine style)

  • Chickpeas, sausage and bacon soup

  • Chipà Guazù Baked mashed sweet corn, onions and cheese Pie )

  • Baked Eggs with tomato sauce, cheese, oregano and croutons

  • Baked mashed potatoes and sweet corn sauce Pie

  • Baked mashed potatoes and ground Argentina beef Pie

  • Bolognese fresh noodles with Argentinian minced meat and tomatoes sauce

  • Fresh noodles with chunks of argentinian beef stewed in tomato sauce

  • fresh Noodles with cream and blue cheese

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